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In the world of risk management, aviation insurance is a very exclusive and different product. Unlike auto or homeowners insurance, it takes more than a few questions to determine the coverage required to provide superior protection. At AvPac Insurance Services, we take pride in providing comprehensive coverage for a wide variety of aviation needs, from underwriting coverage for your aircraft to protecting your financial interests with substantial liability coverage. Whether it’s the obvious risks you face or the hidden liabilities that are easily overlooked, your AvPac professional will bring solid solutions that address your individual needs.

Business or Pleasure – AvPac Has You Covered

Maybe you’re a weekend pilot that enjoys taking the family out of town in your light aircraft or the owner of a corporation with a heavy jet, AvPac has exactly what you need in aviation insurance protection.

Corporate Aircraft Hull & Liability Insurance

Corporate Flight Departments

As one would expect, this unique insurance need falls outside the purview of traditional insurance agencies and/or brokers. AvPac brings the industry knowledge and avionic understanding necessary to secure coverage worthy of a multi-million dollar hull, not to mention the even higher limits of liability necessary to protect your company.

Fortunately, corporate aircraft are historically among the best maintained aircraft in the industry. Their flight crews are usually top-notch as well. Both of these factors come into play when determining your premium. AvPac can provide the broadest coverage in corporate aircraft hull and liability insurance for extremely competitive rates.

Charter Fleets

Acquiring coverage for charter fleets can be a complicated and time-consuming process. The flight operations of most companies don’t have the financial or employee resources to background check each charter operator, shop rates or ensure they get the highest level of service while acquiring the most comprehensive coverage. From coverage for charter broker’s own aviation liability exposure, the professionals at AvPac simplify the process. We have experience with all the details involving securing coverage for charter fleets.

We expedite certificates: When you communicate to us that you need to get a charter flight out, even when it’s a last-minute rush, we make you our top priority to avoid delays and to get you in the air.  You are extremely important to us, and no matter what day of the week, we are here to accelerate your request and make you a hero to your client.

Owner-Flown Turbine Aircraft

AvPac takes great pride in the relationships we build with our owner-flown Turbine Aircraft clients.  As your trusted advisor, we work closely with underwriters and clients to transition smoothly from your initial request to expediently securing the specialty coverage you need…with the personal attention you deserve.  A coverage this specific requires due diligence that a general property and casualty agent simply cannot provide.  Understanding policy language and correct classification of both pilot and aircraft require deep comprehension of aviation terminology.  By combining professional expertise with our dedication to relationship building, you’ll discover that AvPac delivers a concierge-level service that tailors coverage to meet your specific needs.  Personal, professional, expedient: welcome to AvPac.

Light Aircraft Insurance

Single Engine Piston Aircraft

By comparison, this is probably the least expensive of all the aviation insurance coverages available. Many factors are considered in establishing the rate you’ll pay, including aircraft value, aircraft performance, as well as pilot experience. Naturally, rates are higher for students and lower time pilots in a more complex aircraft. Your AvPac representative can provide an accurate quote based on information you provide.

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